Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Kid To the Right

Okay, first blog.

So I decided to start a blog because I was bored. I have the most random opinions about things I see on television, or read in magazines. It would be a waste and a shame if I didn't write down these ideas down. I figure since I journal everything anyways I might as well do it in a blog where it can be read by anyone.

I'll start by telling a little about myself:
My name is Michael David Kay. I'm an 21 year old homosexual from LA, California. I'm stuck in this shit town mostly because things are a little tight on money at the moment, as I am paying for college - UCLA. I'm going to school to become a Screenwritter. I am also interning at a publishing company. I spent my high school years as Editor of the school's Yearbook and Literary Magazine, and Vice-President of the Writer's Club (should've been President). I was also President of the Film club... I was a major nerd back then. I've learned that those title's meant as little to the world then as they do now. I'm a copy editor for the schools newspaper and I've been working on my own book, trying to get a contract with a publishing company. I guess for now I'm just learning to stand on my own as an adult.

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  1. Yay first comment, ill remember this when your famous. and i totally agree. You cant let your mind go to waste. I can only imagin what goes on inside your head.