Friday, August 13, 2010

Student, Intern, Athlete

Well, another year of college is coming around. My last one, thankfully. It feels like my summer is already over though. I've been working hard on this internship which I feel like I should be getting paid for. I've been following one of the publishing companie's rep's around, which is a big step up from what they had me doing before (making copies and delivering messages).

Alyson's a pretty nice lady but she's very demanding. She has to have things done perfectly. So anyways, we've been working mainly with local businesses and a few college newspaper staff's. Nothing major yet, but still a lot of work. And a lot of travel. We go to cities all over the Stanislaus County to meet with people and talk them through the process of publishing - things as simple as editing, PDF-ing, proofing, etc. It's taught me a lot but it's been a little stressful. Especially because I've already started training for the cross country season. All summer I've sort of lagged on my exercize and I'm starting to notice the effects. The first day of conditioning, I was the slowest guy in the group and we only ran a 5k. It's getting easier and the soreness has worn off, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to juggle the season, my school work, and my internship. Somethin has to go. I have some time to think about it though since I'm heading home to Kansas for a few days. Leave tomorrow morning and I'll be back by Tuesday. I've been in a slump for a while so this break came at a perfect time. Can't wait to see mommy!

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  1. Ok, you're telling me i need to create new blogs? you haven't done one since august 13th! lol get to it!

  2. I'm thinking of shutting it down actually. or maybe making it a weekly thing like yours... what do you think?

  3. aww... i know what you mean tho. like once a week is tough for me... especially since i only have 16 random followers =/ hmm, maybe you should become a team member for my blog, then we could do posts monday, wednesdays, friday... email me and let me know