Monday, July 26, 2010

Day In San Francisco

To be honest, I'm very tired from a long day of roaming the streets of San Francisco... not to mention the fact that I did it with a small hangover. All went well though of course. I've added some photos which should pretty much sum up my day.

And of course I went to...

Gotta respect San Francisco's gay pride. I think this is why I fit in so much here :)

This wasn't my first time in San Francisco, but everytime I go it's always a very different experience. I went with my good friends Anna and Max. We made it our mission to find the strangest people we could and make friends with them.

We met some Power Rangers, a man who asked us if we wanted to wear his banana. Like, he literally wanted us to wear his banana suit. I told my mom and she sarcastically said, "Really? In San Francisco?" then asked me if I ended up doing it... I didn't. Maybe had I had a few more to drink. I ended up being the designated driver on the way back. Which I didn't mind doing after Anna nearly killed us on the way up. Waiting 'til the last second to exit freeway, cutting people off, and not using the blinker to switch lanes does not make a good driver, dear! So anyways, it was a pretty swell day. Now I'm back to facing the realities of life. Again, thanks to those of you who have been sending emails. Really appreciate the advice.
XOXO Michael David